Since 1983 SELMARQ has been honored to work with excellent marketing and sales people representing some of the world’s best brands. Below are a few samples of our work. Contact us to discuss your marcom needs and see what creative solutions we can offer you and your company.

Centerpiece to Center Stage

Centerpiece to Center Stage Build Smarter with Sonoman You might have seen Sonoman at some of Sonoco's recent events, but did you know he's also an expert in helping explain how Sonoco's products can help you on your next project? Have you noticed that your attention...

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Nice Show… For A Duck

Nice Show... For A Duck. Every year a trade exposition takes place that is designed to convene companies and buyers who work with corrugated paperboard. Studies conducted over the past few years predict a steady growth in the use of paperboard across the world for at...

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Manufacturing Engineered and Technical Fabrics

Textum Driving Miss Technology. One of our favorite movies is set in the South during the post-war era (WWII that is). Mrs. Daisy Werthan, the title character of Driving Miss Daisy, has a son who owns a textile firm in Atlanta. Early in the film we watch Boolie...

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Healthcare Data Solutions

Tangible Solutions A Cure for Your Doctor’s Ills? Tangible Solutions was founded in 1994 and built to be a premier consulting firm for healthcare information technology (HIT). Today it offers software solutions and hosting services for physician practices and other...

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Carolinas Energy Association

E4 Carolinas The platform for energy collaboration E4 Carolinas is the trade association for the Carolinas energy economy, providing members opportunities to increase their value and success. They promote the Carolinas Energy Economy, mindful of the Efficient use of...

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Sonotube Man – Symbol of his brand

Sonotube Man II Static paper tube take on a life of its own. Sonotube Man II began standing watch in mid-August—a true, authentic, genuine symbol of the strength of his brand. Whenever possible we like to make our client’s actual product the key focus of their trade...

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