How is SELMARQ different?
BARQ brands best friend
Brands’ Best Friend
Founded by a client-side, industrial sales veteran, our firm was built from the ground up to be in tune with the needs of in-house corporate communications—no contracts or retainers. Each project invoices separately. We provide a team of professionals on whom you can depend to produce consistent, top-quality work while maintaining the integrity of your brands and your company standards.
SELMARQ has no retainers, no contracts
“SELMARQ provides extra focus, insight, talent, experience and specialized marketing assistance.”

Who does the work?

The SELMARQ core staff manages the concepts, design, content and integrity of all work produced. Over our 30-plus-year history, we have also developed a network of talented specialists on whom we call to handle project components that go beyond in-house capacity or expertise—photography to illustration, copywriting to translations, exhibit builds to videography and much more.

Why do we hate ad agencies?

We don’t, really. We just hate how bad actors have tarnished the image of our own industry. The counterpoint? We gratify corporate B2B marketers who are already agitated by big agency arrogance, extravagance or insolence. If you are like our typical client, you know your markets well. And you’d like to have a trusted partner who can execute your marketing with agency power and polish—just without the attitude.

When do we get started?

The next time you feel overwhelmed by the pressures of B2B marketing—trade show paperwork, database scrubbing, banner ads, new product sheets—just pick a project and give us a call. Take a few minutes to discuss our mutual goals and objectives. If we’re a fit, we promise to do it right and make it look good. Because making our clients look good is the path to lasting and pleasing partnerships.