Driving Miss Technology.

Textum Carbon Fabric Photography
Textum Scrim Photography
Textum Carbon Fabric Photography

One of our favorite movies is set in the South during the post-war era (WWII that is). Mrs. Daisy Werthan, the title character of Driving Miss Daisy, has a son who owns a textile firm in Atlanta. Early in the film we watch Boolie Werthan walk through the din of an enormous factory floor filled with scores of workers, each standing vigilant over the incessant track of her loom’s shuttle. The archaic scene of erstwhile textile Americana can leave a perception that the industry in this country is bygone as well.

Our Department of Defense begs to differ.

Textum ISO 91 logoSure, there are plenty of “run of the mill” textile operations that fled to Central America or Asia for cheaper labor. But the US is still competitive globally, particularly in manmade fibers and products for industrial end-uses such as medical textiles and protective apparel—competitive enough to maintain almost a quarter of a million manufacturing jobs. In 2015 the DOD committed $75 million to an Institute for Manufacturing Innovation competition in Revolutionary Fibers and Textiles. Those innovations will help keep us competitive. Likewise, textile firms have been remaking every phase of their operations—installing robotics, employing high-tech materials and developing lean manufacturing processes that require highly skilled, technologically advanced workers. They are seeking out niche markets for specialized products and new applications for woven materials in industrial products. And it’s paying off. Exports of textiles increased nearly 40 percent between 2009 and 2015.

Technology and design drives Textum Weaving, too.

SELMARQ has been privileged to work with Textum as they expand their markets and applications. Their patented and proprietary textile manufacturing technologies, coupled with decades of experience applying the right fiber performance and design, works to enhance their customers’ products. From sporting equipment to ballistics, aerospace to motor sports, Textum finds composite fabric solutions that can form shaped parts or architectures that provide strength, stiffness, electrical conductivity, thermal sensitivity and more. Rigidity and high strength-to-weight ratios make carbon and aramid fabrics an important part of their business and the products they go forward.

Driving home a strong brand is our craft.

Textum trusts SELMARQ to maintain their brand’s strength as they grow into these new industries. When and wherever their company needs to face the market—trade show to sales materials—we will be on call, finish waxed, tank full and keys in hand, ready to be of service.

Textum Product Fliers

Photos above—Textum Photography directed by Jeff Rothe.

Photo above on right—Textum Product Application Inserts design by Michele Clark.

Photo on right—Textum Folder design by Michele Clark.

Textum Folder Presentation

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