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Tangible Solutions was founded in 1994 and built to be a premier consulting firm for healthcare information technology (HIT). Today it offers software solutions and hosting services for physician practices and other healthcare organizations that are continually challenged by the ever-changing requirements of our evolving healthcare environment. Tangible is dedicated to being a highly knowledgeable resource for providers who need efficient ways to submit immunization data, adhere to meaningful use requirements, and create, maintain and share electronic health data that supports patient safety and continuity of care. Tangible Solutions is more dedicated than ever to grow, innovate and develop applications that put patient care and safety first.

Tangible Solutions Check rx LogoIt seems as if Americans can’t have a friendly conversation for long before the issue of healthcare comes up. Next to the political industrial complex, healthcare may just be the industry we most love to hate. Over the years we have come to expect very little from politicians, but we still rely on healthcare workers—and the information they gather—in order to maintain our well being.

Politics and Healthcare

You may not know it but years ago the powers that be in DC began making deals with your doctors. Instead of using those manila folder files that physicians like to scribble in while asking about your family or vacation, the government offered them reimbursements if they would adopt a computerized record system. It was time for this country’s doctors to get into the 21st century. The advantage of electronic files, of course, is to make record of your treatments, allergies and other foibles accessible (and legible) to all professionals in the practice as well as to other healthcare entities, should you need to see a specialist or end up in the ER of some strange city. As soon as Uncle Sam’s Electronic Health Record (EHR) decree and its payoff promises were unveiled, medical machinery makers and computer programmers began scrambling to program proprietary systems designed to digitize your diagnosis.

Healthcare’s Digital Dilemma

Physicians soon began scooping up EHR systems and their rebates. Government incentives made it attractive to quickly implement EHRs, so programmers hurried to get their system on the street and gain market share. Soon there were thousands of ways to use computers for keeping medical records. That is, thousands of different ways… hundreds of similar ways and a few common ways. The early adopter got a digital solution for his or her own practice. But most systems wouldn’t easily work with other systems. This prompted many physicians associated with a particular hospital to adopt the system of that institution—no matter how cumbersome, universal or efficient. Unfortunately the utopian state of record sharing between all practices, facilities, labs and institutions is still far from being realized.

After 2015, the government switched from booster to browbeater as most of their reimbursements were transformed into penalties for Medicare and Medicaid providers who failed to switch to EHRs.

Finding a Workable Solution

A good number of medical practices and ancillary companies around the country have found a seamless solution to the challenge of getting their systems to communicate with others. Tangible Solutions, a private firm in Matthews, NC, specializes in making EHR systems play well with others. SELMARQ has worked with Tangible to promote their technology to companies who have IT systems that need to interface with doctors and their patients as well as labs, clinics and other service providers. Because they specialize in healthcare, Tangible has a deep knowledge of what is needed for compliance with federal mandates as well as individual state registry requirements.

In addition to designing and building their website, SELMARQ has assisted Tangible with trade show design, direct marketing and especially case study production. When customer service gets a rave review from one of their clients, Tangible turns the contact name over to us and we take it from there—interview and copywriting, photos, layout and approvals. SELMARQ tells a story that becomes an effective tool for attracting new business.

It is obvious from the number of healthcare professionals who rave about how Tangible treats them that this company is getting it right. And in a language that everyone (and every system) can appreciate!

Tangible Solutions Website Design

Two of three front postcard images of a drip campaign from 2015 showing Tangible’s excellence in hosting, interfacing, and service/support. Concepts, design, and layout by Michele Clark and Jeff Rothe and copy by Malia Kline, Kline Creative.

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