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Meet SELMARQ: Trista and her mother took a pilgrimage to the Philadelphia area. While there, they venerated relics of many saints and holy people and visited friends with the Sisters of Saint...

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Fire Pit Completed

Meet SELMARQ: Following the completion of new porch construction last fall, Jeff (and S-I-L David) began digging out an area for a fire pit next to the porch. An extremely cold winter delayed completion until just before Independence Day ’18 when Jeff’s children,...

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Mom’s 70th Birthday

Meet SELMARQ: Michele and her brother, Scott, celebrating their Mom's 70th Birthday. Cousin's Main Lobster truck became uber famous after appearing on Shark Tank and partnering with Barbara Corcoran. Michele's Mom had seen that the local franchise truck would be...

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Boston Trip

Meet SELMARQ: Jeff traveled this week to Acton, MA, just outside of Boston, to document a testimonial with one of our clients' customers. Acton is familiar territory for Jeff. In the '90s SELMARQ served Milton Roy, a pump company and division of United Technologies...

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Burn Boot Camp

Meet SELMARQ: Six weeks ago, Andrea started a free 14 day trial at Burn Boot Camp's Fort Mill location. Those two weeks turned into a membership, which has been a great change to her daily routine. Now Andrea is down 6% in body fat and down 3 inch in her waist. Change...

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