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Fall Colors

Meet SELMARQ: Fall colors bring the joy of autumn to Trista’s home. The warm tones of yellows and oranges are her favorite! Pumpkin pies, breads, soups, and butters have already made their way into the menu as...

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HRHS Senior Night

Meet SELMARQ: Senior night at HRHS and the last home regular season volleyball game for Taylor, Michele’s oldest daughter. Championship games begin next week. Taylor’s volleyball team record: two JV seasons + two Varsity seasons = 81-11. The team has crushed...

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Charlotte Film Festival

Meet SELMARQ: Last week Jeff served as a volunteer usher for the tenth annual Charlotte Film Festival. The five-day event included screening of 18 feature films and about 60 short films submitted by independent producers from Japan, Canada, New Zealand, United...

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Meet SELMARQ: Last month, Andrea sold her car. She purchased the Toyota Solara in December 2001 with 54 miles on it. After 16 and a half years, 177,520 miles, and lots of adventures, Andrea sold her first car. The end of an era.

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Mackinac Island

Meet SELMARQ: Jeff and wife Marcy traveled to Mackinac Island for a couple of days after Labor Day; the visit was a first for them both. Accessible only by ferry, the island has just five automobiles (including police, fire and ambulance) and 400-plus horses to...

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