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Burn Boot Camp

Meet SELMARQ: Six weeks ago, Andrea started a free 14 day trial at Burn Boot Camp's Fort Mill location. Those two weeks turned into a membership, which has been a great change to her daily routine. Now Andrea is down 6% in body fat and down 3 inch in her waist. Change...

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Meet SELMARQ: 5th of July at the Bremer house proved to be more eventful than the fourth! A geyser from busted pipe emerged in the front yard before dawn. Now, the yard is adorned with caution tape around the crater.

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Carnival Sunshine

Meet SELMARQ: Michele and family spent the July 4th week aboard the Carnival Sunshine. Joe and son, Cody, are pictured on top of The Casibari Rock Formation, located on the island of Aruba, towards the center of the island north of the Hooiberg. Emily with cousin,...

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Beach Time

Meet SELMARQ: Not going to get too many more opportunities to take a girls trip to the beach with Taylor as she is heading into her senior year of High School and looking forward to college! Michele, Taylor, Emily, and Michele's Mom made the most of our few days with...

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Wire Expo 2018

Meet SELMARQ: Last month Jeff handled the install and dismantle of a 313 Sq.Ft. exhibit at Wire Expo. While in town, he visited the 21C Museum Hotel in downtown Nashville… one of a small chain of unique inns that feature curated rotating exhibitions, commissioned...

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Wedding Season

Meet SELMARQ: Wedding season is in full swing! Trista spends weekends as a Wedding Director at her church, and the Bremer family has a few weddings to attend this year. Beautiful flowers, smiling couples, and endless love fill the air!

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