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Soon to be Senior

Meet SELMARQ: Michele’s daughter, Taylor, on Senior Night for Hickory Ridge Volleyball. Taylor said goodbye to teammates and friends that will be moving on after this year. Always an emotional event for the girls; lots of laughter and tears shed. You can see the bonds...

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Final Inspection

Meet SELMARQ: Jeff just passed final inspection on his deck/porch project. Still some cleanup, touchup and landscaping to do but it’s ready for prime time. Total project (demo through final inspection) took more than 14 months of evenings and weekends with major...

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Tour de Elvis

Meet SELMARQ: An oldie, but an embarrassing goodie. Michele's Facebook memories brought this one back from 2013 when her and running friend, Karen took on the Tour de Elvis 5k in Albermarle, NC in Rocking Elvis Style! Michele placed in her age group, however...

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Film Festival Sponsor

Meet SELMARQ: In 173 days, the 12th annual Beaufort International Film Festival kicks off. SELMARQ is proud to be a “Producer” sponsor of the 2018 festival and we encourage all to purchase a ticket and join the festivities!...

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2017 Eclipse

Meet SELMARQ: On October 21, Jeff and his wife visited their youngest daughter’s family in Columbia, SC to experience the total solar eclipse. They were fortunate to have few clouds, and a great view of the event. They even witnessed the “shadow bands” phenomenon on...

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Bremer’s Fun Summer

Meet SELMARQ: Summer has breezed by for Trista! Her adventures this year included hiking at the National Whitewater Center, exploring Chattanooga, playing in the Blue Ridge Mountains, Babyland USA, blackberry picking, Charlotte splash pads, gardening and more. More...

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