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Snow Days

Meet SELMARQ: Happiness is a week off of school for the kids because of North Carolina Snow! I never get tired of the school cancellations in the Carolinas. Sure beats when I was a kid in Ohio. My kids do not even know how good they have it...

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High Tea Party

Meet SELMARQ: Trista’s eldest daughter requested a high tea party for her birthday. They used antique tea cups from grandparents, great grandparents, and friends so each girl could have a unique place setting.

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Year-End Dinner

Meet SELMARQ: The SELMARQ team gathered at Ted’s Montana Grill on New Year’s Eve eve for our traditional year-end dinner. Revelry ensued. We all enjoyed the evening, made the trip home safely, and vowed to continue gaining satisfaction by serving our clients...

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Winter Vacation

Meet SELMARQ: The Bremer family spent a week visiting family and friends across Florida. Their adventures took them to a shrine, Basilica, Children's gardens, state parks, fountain light shows, beaches, and...

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Last Marathon of 2017

Meet SELMARQ: One more marathon for Michele before the end of 2017. The rainy skies cleared up just in time for the race Saturday morning on Kiawah Island. Michele and her running friend, Stephanie (first-time marathoner), stuck together and pulled each other to the...

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